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The History of Wooden toys, From ancient times to the modern day

The History of Wooden toys, From ancient times to the modern day

Mar 30, 2023

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Since early civilization, toys have been an integral part of childhood. Although children differ from those who lived thousands of generations ago, many of their most beloved toys are still popular today.

Archaeologists report finding wooden spinning tops as evidence that wooden toys have existed since ancient times. Hand-crafted dolls and animals have been made for children since 1100 BC. Because wood is easy to work with and readily available, it would have been the first choice for toy making. The 1800s saw the creation of wooden toys such as doll houses, Wooden building sets, jigsaw puzzles, and jack-in-the-boxes. These toys are still popular today.

So, how long have children been using wooden toys?

It turns out that wooden toys are as old as in Greek and Roman times. What's more, they had similar toys to what we have today. Little dolls, horses, and chariots.

One of the oldest toys ever discovered was rattles. They were found over 3000 years ago. It is funny that rattles remain one of the children's most loved toys in their early years. Maybe this is because our fundamental level hasn't changed even though we have learned so much in the last 3000 years. How we learn, develop our brains, and play as children don't matter. It is much better to choose wooden toys than plastic or screens.

Albert is a man from Philadelphia. He is German. In 1872, he immigrated to America. He started making wooden horse toys for circuses. He made flexible wooden horses that looked real. You can still see the original, which was used by numerous circuses. It was a very popular Trojan horse during that period. Later, four wheels were added to the horse by the circus, making it the prototype for the antique carriage.

In the future, wooden toys will include wooden cars, ships, and tractors. A new one every day. Wooden planes are still children's favorite toys. Wooden toys have a rich history and cultural connotation. They also reflect the current times.

Wooden toys in more recent history

The wooden creations of toymakers became more complex and detailed over the next century. The 19th century saw the rise of wooden toy soldiers and miniature dollhouses. Hand-painted wooden toys such as the Jack in the box were popular, including many that featured bright and vivid colors. Wooden trains were popular during this time, as well as their wooden tracks.

Various new materials, including plastic, were introduced to the manufacturing sector by the end of World War II. As toymakers began using cheaper and more modern materials, the production rate of wooden toys dropped steadily. Plastic toys were easy to mass-produce and affordable for families with kids.

Modern View

Wooden toys are not often found on traditional shop shelves, but their appeal and nostalgia have kept many wooden toy manufacturers in the business. Online shopping is possible for various wooden toys, including small appliances, novelty gifts, and games.

Wooden toys encourage children to explore their imaginations and are often simple playthings. Wooden puzzles can help children develop both cognitive and fine motor skills. Wooden pedal cars and ride-on toys enhance gross motor skills. Miniature wooden play sets can be used as a fire station, farmhouse, or other. They also aid in emotional and social development. Because of their simplicity, wooden toys have a lot of educational value.

Although plastic toys are generally cheaper than wooden toys, they are safer than older wooden toys. They are also less expensive and can be thrown, or fallen wooden objects could cause injuries. However, wooden toys don't contain toxic PVC as much as plastic toys. Wooden toys can last for generations and are considered the most durable.


Wooden toys today are as innovative as modern electronic toys. Toys that pull along, made of wood, such as cars, trucks, and wind-ups, make great gifts. Because wooden toys are made of wood, they are non-toxic, tasteless, and good for children's mental and emotional health. It is extremely useful and has advantages like non-breaking and resistance to abrasion and beating. This is the reason why wooden toys from Woody Woo are so popular among kids.