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Why toys?

Imagination and excitement go hand in hand. These are the two things that can shape your child into a better being but how one can attain this level of intellect? Toys! Yes, every good question has a single-word answer just like this question.

In a quest to enhance your kid’s cognitive thinking, we believe wooden toys can do the magic. Therefore, in the era of innovation, we have ignited our love for wood.

Why Woody Woo Toys?

We, at Woody Woo Toys, create an exciting world of imaginative wooden toys, that can last for more than a lifetime. We thrive on the vision of learning and providing quality. That is why, when one invests in wooden toys they do not have to buy toys for a long time because this is the utmost quality for which our wooden toys are known. And we never forget that wooden toys are organically rich so here we step into providing the best environment-friendly toys for your kids.

Promoting art works

Our quality of wooden toys matches the vision of Montessori classes where students are admitted to get a step ahead from other pupils. We believe in eye and taste of an artists therefore, our platform gives a place to poor wooden art workers who like to create amazing toys out of wood and paint their heart into it. This way, we are keeping our foot forward to create employment opportunities for talented workers and it is an effort for women independence so they can live a better and satisfactory life.

Play with a toy that becomes blessing for future. Hope you find colors and designs of your taste with us. We take pride in saying, if not us, then who?