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5 Things to Gift Your Toddler this Christmas

5 Things to Gift Your Toddler this Christmas

Nov 17, 2022

Woody Woo Toys

The holiday season is around the corner and after a dark couple of years finally, we can now celebrate Christmas without any hindrance. Like many parents, are you too excited for your toddler’s first proper Christmas celebrations? Are you too struggling to find a perfect Christmas gift for your toddler? No worries, in this blog, you will come across a range of gift ideas for your toddler. Let’s find out what will be the best gift for your toddler!

1. Kid’s Wooden Toys

Toys are a meaningful and fun part of a kid’s life. Therefore, when you plan to buy toys for your kids, make sure you give thorough thought to the options. Because toys are not only meant to play but can also help in the behavior and brain development of your child. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best toys for your kids, wooden toys are suggested as the best choice.

Wooden toys can sustain for a long time. You can see them as a one-time investment. These toys help in developing kids' cognitive and learning behavior. For instance, when a kid plays with wooden blocks and arranges them in certain designs, the kid learns to create something from scratch and this is a life lesson good to learn at this age.

2. A Children’s Book

When we say a children’s book, not all such books means fairy tales. There are many kids’ books that have moral stories, and stories that are good for learning purposes and your toddler’s growth.

3. Wooden Doll House

Toddlers really like the idea of having a house of their own. You can fulfill their wish by gifting them a wooden dollhouse that will be more of a toy to you but the first house for your toddler where one can stay with their doll. The benefit of gifting them a wooden doll house is, they can paint it on their own. You can also help them with the task.

By doing so, your toddler will learn to do things on their own, and on the bright side, they will have a house of their favorite color and who would like to miss that idea?

4. Christmas Tree

Now, this is the point you must have been eagerly looking for in this list. However, you need not worry because we are not talking about gifting a huge Christmas tree to your toddler. But you can bring in a mini version of a Christmas tree for your toddler and give her the pleasure to decorate his mini Christmas tree and have a hand in home decor for Christmas.

5. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are in huge demand nowadays. You can gift your toddler something, anything with their photograph on it or you can personalize gifts in any way that adds a warm and distinctive flavor to gifts.

If you are planning to gift your kid a wooden toy, you can also get them personalized with your toddler’s photograph or anything related to them printed on it. Isn’t it an amazing idea to have a wooden doll house with a personalized flavor?


Hence, these are five amazing gift ideas to gift your toddler this Christmas. If you are looking for a trustworthy and amazing online platform to buy kids’ wooden toys then ____ is the place you must explore.