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Montessori toys mean Wooden Toys

Montessori toys mean Wooden Toys

Nov 17, 2022

Woody Woo Toys

Montessori classrooms provide a stupendous environment to the kids where they learn key aspects of their lives. Montessori school plays a huge role in the self-motivated growth of children in terms of their emotional, cognitive, physical, and social growth.

When a kid takes the first step into the real world parents are determined to give their kids the best facilities. The Montessori understands this fact so every Montessori has a key pact to use wooden eco-friendly toys for kids.

Wooden toys have a tendency to grasp kids’ attention that’s why you will find so basic toys like wooden toy cars, wooden train sets, and wooden dolls house in almost every Montessori. But why is it so? Why everyone around a kid prefers wooden toys over plastic toys? Because plastic toys too have a huge variety in them yet wooden toys are like dear friends to kids. This blog has the answer to this big ‘why’. So, let’s find out.

1. Deep Sensory Examination

The parents tend to prefer anything made of wood over plastic because of how it looks. The palpable nature of the material is nicer when you run your fingers over it. The texture is more appealing to children who learn by touching and putting things in their mouths. It also changes temperature with the environment in the room. Children can learn about size and density through the weight of objects. Larger dense wooden blocks and toys are harder to pick up than smaller ones.

2. Visually Appealing

Kids usually get attracted to unique articles that’s why you will see most of the kids spending most of their time playing with wooden blocks. Basically, wooden toys help in creating a warm, exciting and safe environment for children. Once the wooden toys are within the kid’s reach they forget everything and enjoy their time learning.

In terms of visually appealing toys, we believe that simple, open-minded, Montessori / waldorf-inspired toys are the best tools to encourage creativity and curiosity,  stimulate imagination and inspire children to honor the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

3. Help in Visual Understanding

Thinking and Imagination are the key aspects that a child develops in Montessori. This job is well done with the help of wooden blocks and toys. There are many handmade wooden toys that you will find in Montessori used for teaching.  Every toy that is available in a Montessori serves a purpose. Like, the wooden train set is used to teach directions. A wooden tea set is used to teach manners and so on.

4. Durability

Montessori runs for years and many children attend it. All of us know how kids actually treat their toys. They throw them here and there. Step on them put them in their mouth and whatnot they do with a toy. Therefore, to save themselves from the pain of buying the toys over again. Montessori invests in buying wooden toys that sustain for a long time and comes with various additional benefits.

However, kids build skills with time, often independently and at their own pace. This is another reason why those tactile and appealing materials are so important, they ensure that these toys remain forever engaging for children.


Here are some reasons why Montessori toys always mean wooden toys. Have you got inspired by the Montessori school’s environment that they provide on the premises and want to buy some wooden toys online to create a somewhat similar environment in-house? If yes, then you must know our wooden toys are timeless and will be rediscovered at all different stages of childhood. Explore the best with us.